Plain Kurta Pyjama

Kurta pyjama is a comfortable casual wear that has become fashion statement for contemporary Indian men. The loose long shirt whose length is just above or below the knee is called Kurta. Plain kurtas may or may not have collars. If it is with collar then the collar is short and round. Kurta pyjama has been integral part of Indian fashion from the days of emperors. Earlier it was exclusively for men but now it has evolved as an unisex dress and part of Indian women’s clothing. Men usually prefer to wear it with loosely fitted pyjamas or tightly fitted churiders. Due to comfort and simple style it is increasingly popular among Indian men who prefer it for formal and casual occasions.

Pyjamas are usually made of cotton silk or matching material of the accompanying kurtas and are simple in design and color. All the designs and cuts are for kurtas. The sleeves of kurta are very comfortable and fall straight to wrist. There is no cuff in the wrist and the side seems are left open so the wearer can have free movement. In general plain kurtas have short openings centered on chest without collar. However of late some are coming up with short ‘stand up’ Nehru collar. Indian fashion industry has responded to this growing demand of plain kurta pyjama by offering various attractive combinations of color and materials to give it a subtle but distinctly stylish look. In Britain Canada and Bengal kurta is also called ‘panjabi’.

Popularity of plain kurta pyjama in Indian fashion may be attributed to the flexibility it offers for all occasions. It can be used as night dress for casual and social gathering religious occasions and the young men can even wear it to college. The basic idea is to be comfortable as well as making unique style statement. Plain kurta pyjamas worn during summer are mostly made of silk or cotton. For the winter collection the kurtas made of khadi silk or wools are used.

Fastening the opening of kurta is a stylish affair. Ready made plain kurtas offers tassled ties cloth balls or loops and stylish buttons to fasten the opening on chest. Plain kurtas worn on formal occasions may have decorative golden buttons. Such buttons are not sewn to the kurta but used in the same way as a western style cuff links are used in shirts. Plain kurta pyjamas in Indian fashion are generally kept simple but many light color summer kurtas made of semi transparent cotton may have ‘chikan’ embroidery to give it subtle and ornate appeal.

There are various websites of contemporary Indian fashion offering wide assortment of plain kurta pyjama to complement different occasions and personalities. Online shopping clothes from India has picked up pace as these websites offer amazing collection of latest garments to select and easy procedure to procure. Now shopping for plain kurta pyjama is easy for Indian men all over the world. As for plain kurta pyjama they can choose from different shades of cotton like maroon orange white cream black and navy blue. While these are colors of kurta the pyjamas are white in all cases. The designs and cuts are simple but elegant. Actual rate shipping cost mode of payment and authenticity of the website must be verified before proceeding to place the order.
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Top 6 Construction Site Hazards!

Construction sites are considered the most potentially hazardous and accident prone parts of any working environment. Excessive exposure to these construction site hazards exposes workers to injury and possible death. To prevent this a company should know how to identify and be aware of all possible dangers that can be encountered during normal business operations. The Occupational Safety Health Administration OSHA wants every employee to have sound knowledge of their susceptibility to harm or injury in the workplace.

Listed below are the top six construction site hazards identified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA

1. Electrical Electricity is one of the greatest hazards to people either at home or at work. Power line workers electricians and electrical engineers work continuously with electricity and can face exposure to this hazard on a daily basis. At the construction site the best way to prevent this kind of hazard is for the power line workers to be a safe working distance away from the power lines. Other precautionary measures includes guarding and insulating of the vehicle from which they might work. This would help prevent electrical hazards from injuring them while working.

2. Excavation and Trenching – OSHA has recognized excavation and trenching as the most hazardous construction site operation. From the year 2000 to 2006 the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics USBLS recorded 271 worker fatalities in trenching and cave ins. These hazards are preventable yet injuries related to these hazards are still happening. Both employer and employee must follow safety standards and use protective equipment to minimize hazards while trenching and excavating.

3. Falls Falling from scaffolding over six feet or a fixed ladder over twenty feet is the most dangerous and common construction site hazard. Falling from high places such as a ladder scaffolding and roofs account for more than fifty percent of the accidents that happen at the workplace. The usual cause of this incident is slipping tripping and using unstable ladders. There are thousands of reasons for fall hazards and to eliminate such risks employers must have a fall protection program as part of any overall workplace safety and health program. Workers should be trained to identify and evaluate fall hazards and be fully aware of how to control exposure to such risks as well as know how to use fall protection equipment properly.

4. Stairways and Ladder According to OSHA’s construction safety and health standards stairways and ladders are major sources of injuries and fatalities among construction workers. These recorded injuries are serious enough to put a worker out on sick leave. OSHA registered approximately 24 882 injuries and 36 fatalities yearly that are related to falling from stairways and ladders used at the construction site. To prevent such accidents and injuries employers and employee must comply with OSHA’s general rule for the safe use of ladders and stairways.

5. Scaffolding Every year approximately 60 workers die by falling from scaffolding one out of five construction site falls are fatal. The most potential risk of scaffolding is due to moving scaffold components scaffold failure related to damage to its components loss of the load being struck by suspended materials electrical shock and improper set up. Construction workers who assemble and dismantle scaffolding and work platforms at construction sites face the risk of serious injuries due to falls. The scaffolding hazard is addressed by stated OSHA standards. They give specific requirements for the maximum load when to use scaffolding bracing and the use of guardrails.

6. Heavy Construction Equipment Approximately 100 construction site workers die each year due to heavy construction equipment. The main causes of such accidents includes ground workers struck when a vehicle is backing up or changing direction equipment rollovers that injure the operator mechanics run over when brakes are not properly set and ground workers crushed by falling equipment from backhoes buckets and other moving construction vehicles. To prevent this kind of risk workers should follow all construction safety guidelines necessary to eliminate the exposure to such injuries and accidents.

Safety risks on construction site are unavoidable however these can be prevented if workers are instructed on how to identify the hazards that might be present at the work site. The employer must establish proper safety standards that meet the maximum requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This will ensure that workers will have a safe working environment during normal operation.

This is not meant to be an all inclusive list of construction site risks however these top six items are certainly important ones that all construction site employers should be aware of and continually working to eliminate them from happening.
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Different Grades of Replica Handbags

Grades of Replica Handbags.
A high quality replica is an exact imitation of the original authentic one. It looks much realer than the general counterfeit even people cannot tell if it is a fake or not if without careful check. Due to its low price and practical usage more and more people tend to buy a high quality replica instead of the original one. While do you know how many different grades the replica have? Here I would share my knowledge based on my experience in the replica industry.

Grade B AB

It should be the poorest replica item. The only part that is similar to the original item is probably the logo. A Grade B AB replica handbag features low price and is mostly found on street markets You can tell it is a counterfeit just by a casual glance. Materials used for a Grade B AB replica handbag should be fabrics of lowest quality accessories of lowest quality hardware and handcraft of lowest quality as well.

Grade A

It can be said that Grade A replicas are of medium quality which are more elegant in texture and softer to the touch than Grade B AB replicas. The leather used and the sewing techniques are just so so and the package is slightly more attractive than Grade B AB replicas. The overall quality is all right though won’t be worn out after some time’s usage the leather won’t turn into the color of beeswax with time goes by like a genuine handbag does. Materials used for a Grade A replica handbag include common fabrics accessories using split leather hardware of so so quality and fair handcraft.

Grade A+

Grade A+ replicas are also called Grade AA replicas of better than average quality. The texture is fairly nice so are the handcrafts and details. The entire handbag feels up market. Materials used for a Grade A+ replica handbag include solid fabrics accessories using top layer leather whose color won’t change with time hardware of common quality.

Grade AAA

Replica handbags belong to this grade are made of imported cow leather whose color will turn into the color of beeswax after used for some time or wet. They are sophisticatedly made patterns and sizes need to be checked carefully look almost like the original ones. Replica handbags of this grade are quite popular among the public because of their reasonable prices and good quality. Materials used include top quality solid fabrics accessories using imported leather and hardware.

1 1

Replica handbags belong to this grade are made of imported cow leather whose color will turn into the color of beeswax after used for some time or when wet. The patterns and sizes need to be checked carefully since they are sophisticatedly made and look as if they are original ones. Every handbag of this grade is strictly made making sure they look the same with the genuine handbag. The major difference from a 1 1 replica handbag is in the handcrafts which is sophisticated still. Every detail has been paid special attention to and the execution is even nicer than the original handbag because most of the original ones are handmade and replicas are done by machines so there is no wonder . Due to the complicated craftwork required replicas of this grade are not mass produced and thus their price is comparatively high. But I suggest you buy these replicas rather than the original. You see it features so delicate craftmanship just like the authentic even an expert in handbags can tell them apart. But 1 1 Items are very scarcity people only can find it in some secret shop or online retailers such as

The highest level of replica handbags enjoys the advantages of reasonable price elegant in texture exquisite workmanship and high cost performance and thus is the best choice for those who can’t afford the genuine but long for genuine quality.
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Zodiac Signs and Horoscopes

Love and compatibility with another is something that we all strive for. It is something that is talked about in every social circle and in every walk of life. This notion of love and compatibility is always a hot topic when discussing your “sign” with someone. One of the main reasons for a person to read their horoscope is to find out about their past present and future love life. So it’s only natural for us to wonder which zodiac signs are compatible with one another. So who are you compatible with?

Aries – is most compatible with Leo Sagittarius compatible with Aquarius Gemini and opposite from Libra.

Taurus – is most compatible with Capricorn Virgo compatible with Cancer Pisces and opposite from Scorpio.

Gemini – is most compatible with Aquarius Libra compatible with Aries Leo and opposite from Sagittarius

Cancer – is most compatible with Pisces Scorpio compatible with Taurus Virgo and opposite from Capricorn

Leo – is most compatible with Aries Sagittarius compatible with Gemini Libra and opposite from Aquarius

Virgo – is most compatible with Capricorn Taurus compatible with Cancer Scorpio and opposite from Pisces

Libra – is most compatible with Aquarius and Gemini compatible with Leo Sagittarius and opposite from Aries

Scorpio – is most compatible with Cancer Pisces compatible with Capricorn Virgo and opposite from Taurus

Sagittarius – is most compatible with Aries Leo compatible with Aquarius Libra and opposite from Gemini

Capricorn – is most compatible with Taurus Virgo compatible with Pisces Scorpio and opposite from Cancer

Aquarius – is most compatible with Gemini Libra compatible with Aries Sagittarius and opposite from Leo

Pisces – is most compatible with Cancer Scorpio compatible with Capricorn Taurus and opposite from Virgo

please note that this is only a suggestion as to the traditional compatibility traits of certain ‘signs’. This should not be followed as a make or break rule to follow in your love life as there are many factors that come into play when in a true relationship. These suggestions should be taken as such as mere suggestions.

All of your horoscope and zodiac information in one place at http
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Welcome Australia's Next Fashion Model

If you are on an Australia working holiday visa trip you are probably thinking of something to make your vacation more interesting. Since you are allowed to work during your stay you can actually do just that. And one of the jobs that you can try out is being a fashion model.

More than likely you will be totally surprised by the suggestion. After all many people still picture models as being of the elite rich and famous kind. However what will probably surprise you even more is that most of these models actually started at the bottom like you. And here s an even more interesting bit Australia s fashion industry is now looking for new faces to shine.

You see the industry is now shifting from getting the top celebrities in the industry into seeking out fresh new faces. This came after the economic slowdown experienced by the world in the last two years forced publishers to rethink about hiring top stars for modeling services mainly due to the high prices that these command. Also many advertisers are now getting more concerned that hiring top celebrities are generating less sales than they used to back when these celebrities where at the start of their careers. Thus the fashion industry have begun searching for new faces to pose for the covers. And this has opened the door for many new models to come in. what s even more exciting about this new happening in Australia s fashion scene is the fact that this isn t Hollywood. Thus models need not be the stereotypical milky white goddesses that they once were. In fact Asians and blacks are currently the ones making waves in the Australian fashion scene.

One of these models is Miranda Kerr. Kerr is of mixed heritage having English French and Scotticsh lineages. Kerr was initially your everyday Australian lass. In fact according to her she was more interested in motorbikes and horses when she was a kid. However she nevertheless entered modeling at the age ot thirteen and is today considered as one of the country s most popular personalities.

So for those wanting to follow Kerr s footsteps there are several ways that you can enter the Australian modeling world. One is through model agencies which are in fact quite aplenty in the country. For the top model agencies you can set your sights on the major cities like Sydney and Perth as these are where they operate. Some magazines also hire models directly so you can actually work as a freelancer. And even if you are just on a temporary visa they will actually be willing to hire you.

So what are you waiting for? Who knows your Australian vacation might be your ticket to glamour and fame.

For Australian Visa advice and assistance visit PrincipalVisas It contains general information on Australian migration and Other visa programs such as evisitor visa. Logon to http for Australia visa assessment test to find out if you are eligible to travel or live in Australia.
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